THE Reason To Buy And Root A NookColor

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Aldiko came out of nowhere several years about a year and a half ago and enabled Android devices to read DRM-free ePub files. That was an astonishing feat. Since then, Aldiko has gone on to dominate Android as the eBook reading software to have.

I’ve known this new version was coming for a while but kept it under NDA.

Not only will the new Aldiko 2.0 do “classic” DRM, enabling public library loans and buying from Borders, Kobo, Sony, the new Google eBookstore, and others that sell Adobe DRMed ePub eBooks, but it will also do Barnes & Noble’s own mutant Adobe DRM for ePub!

This is huge for Android devices. It turns every one of them into a Sony Reader, a Kobo Reader, and a Nook.

Why would you want to root a NookColor to have capabilities it already has (plus its custom sharing features)?

For the PDF reader!

I’ve already shown how built-in PDF display on the NookColor cannot do Google Books PDFs (although it can do regular PDFs). Aldiko 2.0 is the solution for this. It’s already been tested with the Success: A Novel test PDF and reported to work.

Sure, you can use Adobe Reader X, but with Aldiko you can have those ePubs and Google Books PDFs in one place that works on them all.

Everyone else with an Android phone or other tablet: You want Aldiko 2.0. You don’t have to buy any eInk device now to join in eBook buying.

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