More PDF Action On Rooted NookColor

Because I can’t get enough of it until I have one of my own:

I hadn’t heard of this program until I saw this.

I’ve asked him in Comments if it will do a Google Books PDF and to try Success: A Novel [Google Books, Google Docs].

Update, December 12, 2010: He replied on YouTube:

Hi. I tried your Google Book, and ezPDF Reader handles it fine, albeit a little slow: it takes 2-3 seconds to render each page. I also tried Adobe Reader 10.0.0 (the newest one from Market) and BeamReader 1.2.0, and they also opened the Google Book fine, but have their own quirks. The Quickoffice PDF viewer and Repligo Reader just display big X’s. I’ll do a comparison video and post it up some time this week.

Previously here:

Google Books PDF On Rooted NookColor
Google Books PDF Smackdown: NookColor Vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs. iPad


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