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Rooted NookColor Slaughters Samsung Galaxy Tab

This is why I put it second only to the iPad as a great eBook value when rooted for full Android access:


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Bookeen Orizon Remote Nano-Fondle

Laura Fullton used her Bene Gesserit skills to get some hands-on time with the new touchscreen Bookeen Orizon eBook reader in a store in Europe. She also did a video comparing it to the Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650.

First, her remarks:

You were interested in the responsiveness of the screen. It was actually quite sensitive, not as sensitive as the Sony PRS-650 which you see I had at hand to compare with, but I thought the Sony was maybe too sensitive (would you turn pages or do other stuff accidentally just by brushing the screen? I could see myself doing that). In the video, you can see that sometimes I swiped lightly and nothing happened, but it didn’t seem to make any difference if I pressed harder or lighter or even if I very carefully executed the stroke. Kinda weird. Anyway, after a little practice, I had fewer and fewer problems turning pages with it. Don’t know why.

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