Bookeen Orizon Remote Nano-Fondle

Laura Fullton used her Bene Gesserit skills to get some hands-on time with the new touchscreen Bookeen Orizon eBook reader in a store in Europe. She also did a video comparing it to the Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650.

First, her remarks:

You were interested in the responsiveness of the screen. It was actually quite sensitive, not as sensitive as the Sony PRS-650 which you see I had at hand to compare with, but I thought the Sony was maybe too sensitive (would you turn pages or do other stuff accidentally just by brushing the screen? I could see myself doing that). In the video, you can see that sometimes I swiped lightly and nothing happened, but it didn’t seem to make any difference if I pressed harder or lighter or even if I very carefully executed the stroke. Kinda weird. Anyway, after a little practice, I had fewer and fewer problems turning pages with it. Don’t know why.

I did not notice much difference between the screen on the Sony and the Orizon, except for the contrast, which shows up in the picture and the refresh delay. Really, the Orizon feels good, doesn’t have that much reflection (despite what you see in the photos from the direct lighting) and is overall agreeable. I wouldn’t let the screen stop me from buying it if I were interested.

One thing that was annoying was the automatic orientation. It seemed very sensitive and just moving around it kept flipping from landscape to portrait so I turned it off very early on.

I wanted to try accessing books on Internet to see if you could read directly from the device, but the unit wasn’t configured to connect to the store’s Wifi network, and the guy didn’t have the password so I was out of luck. When you pull up the main screen, you do have “covers” that are bookmarks to popular Internet book sites like Google, Feedbooks and Project Gutenberg. You can see that in one of the pix.

Now more photos and a video.

According to The Digital Reader, this could soon be in stores here in America.

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