Rooted NookColor Slaughters Samsung Galaxy Tab

This is why I put it second only to the iPad as a great eBook value when rooted for full Android access:


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2 responses to “Rooted NookColor Slaughters Samsung Galaxy Tab

  1. What does “rooted” mean to rookies? Is this a process, or something we have to “program?”

    • mikecane

      It means using a software hack to gain control over the device in a way that the manufacturer doesn’t ordinarily allow. In the case of the NookColor, it will turn it into a standard Android tablet so you can load programs onto it without requiring buying them through B&N’s upcoming Store. Also, it would allow you to put on programs B&N probably would never allow, such as readers for Kindle, Kobo/Borders, Sony, and Aldiko. Right now, the process can be hazardous so non-techies are generally advised to wait for an easier way.

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