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Doom: Almost Exactly So

Awaiting the Storm

Choice bits:

Shortly we will hear the death rattle of free expression. No government sees an advantage to itself in a free press, though countries with decent governments feel much less threatened. Our government fears nothing more.


The only free press in America is the internet, and the government does not like it. Washington now moves to “regulate” it. To promote fairness, you see, to prevent piracy, and to maintain national security. Then it will be found necessary to suppress “hate sites.” Just now you are reading a site that has been blocked on many federal installations for promoting hate. There is no recourse.

And, especially:

That America’s bankruptcy results from America’s economic policies, that the country is everywhere hated because of wilfully chosen behavior—this does not occur to people who do not read, who do not so much as know the dates of World War II. They will find someone else to blame. Liberals. Mohammedans. Mexicans.

Let’s all get on the same page now, people. There is only one group to blame for all of this that’s coming: Those who control the money supply.


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Rubicon: Location Report And API Logo

Continuing to share goodies I’ve snagged from Rubicon!

This time I have a better version of the American Policy Institute logo and a PDF of a production location scout report!

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