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What We Are Waiting For As Of 12/20/10

Not in any order:

1) Blio Reader (supposed to be arriving 9/28)
2) Google Editions
3) Barnes & Noble PubIt
4) Kobo Reader WiFi
5) Something else I am NDAed about — I can now reveal this is Aldiko 2.0, which will do Adobe DRM ePub and PDFs
6) Sony’s iOS and Android Reader software

Possible Myths:

1) Nook II And it’s the NookColor
2) 7″ iPad (despite what Jobs says)
3) Palm Pre II (it exists!)
4) KindlePad
5) BlackBerry PlayBook (which now seems to exist, based on new demos)


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Aldiko 2.0: You Want It!

Aldiko 2.0 is out in a limited Premium-only release.

From what I understand, it’s a measly US$3.00 in the official Android Marketplace. This is a huge bargain! Go buy it!

If you need further convincing, go see this set on Flickr showing screensnaps from it.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you want Aldiko 2.0.

It’s also the best reason for rooting the Barnes & Noble NookColor.

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Interesting Challenge, This

You don’t really want a million dollars

[I]f you’re not the type of person who can create freedom without a million dollars, you probably aren’t the kind of person who will get a million dollars.

Napoleon Hill famously said:

Start where you stand, work with whatever tools you have at your command, and you will acquire better tools as you go along.

And he also observed:

Gandhi had no money, no home, he did not own a suit of clothes, but he did have power. How did he come by that power?


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Memo To Barnes & Noble: Unlock NookColor!

It’s not “rooting”, it’s openness

It’s possible to design unlocking techniques that protect the integrity of the mobile network, the rights of content providers, and the rights of application developers, while at the same time giving users choice. Users should demand no less.

One of the biggest missteps Barnes & Noble made was deviating from the DRM everyone else was using with ePub.

Now they’re compounding that mistake by locking up the NookColor.

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IQs Held Hostage By A Moron With A Gun

The Polk County Sheriff Will Tell You What to Read, Citizen

The new arbiter of what adults in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and other large American cities can read is the Sheriff of Polk County, FL.

Aw, he’s just keeping America safe — from free thinking!

The moron.

Let’s see if that piss-poor county can actually spend the money on that prosecution. And if they do, let them explain to their electorate why they had to spend that money.

Because, you know, these days there isn’t much cash out there to spend on the indulgences of some moron who probably has given his gun a pet name and has aspirations for public office.

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Kobo Books: The Countries They Sell In

Several months ago at one of the many, many book conferences the sinking industry holds (which one, I forget; they all blur into identical insignificance and irrelevance), Kobo Books stood up and made a claim of selling in over 100 countries.

This was a remarkable claim and I’ve been after them ever since to give up that list.

Today they finally did. It doesn’t seem to be the same total they touted months ago, but it’ll do.

I’d like to hear from people in some of these countries to verify.

The list after the break.

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Rubicon: Script Of Episode 4

Oh yes indeedy! I managed to snag three Rubicon scripts and I’m bundling them up into PDFs to share with fellow fans.

Today is the first of four posts of a script, one post per day until Thursday. One of the scripts has a yellow-page and a blue-page draft. All three of the remaining scripts have a large watermark diagonally across each page but can still be read. I will do each as a post.

In this post, I have the script of the fourth episode, The Outsider, and it has that wonderful speech Truxton Spangler delivered in Washington, D.C..

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