Rubicon: Script Of Episode 4

Oh yes indeedy! I managed to snag three Rubicon scripts and I’m bundling them up into PDFs to share with fellow fans.

Today is the first of four posts of a script, one post per day until Thursday. One of the scripts has a yellow-page and a blue-page draft. All three of the remaining scripts have a large watermark diagonally across each page but can still be read. I will do each as a post.

In this post, I have the script of the fourth episode, The Outsider, and it has that wonderful speech Truxton Spangler delivered in Washington, D.C..

To remind you:

UPDATE: Grrrr, the clip can’t be embedded after all. Consider that just a bookmark. Go to YouTube to watch and come back.

Now that was Truxton Spangler: He could get you to distrust your own wife!

That was truly great work by writer Richard E. Robbins. This was really a high point of television.

Here is the first page of the script (with binding clips still in it):

Click = big

I unbound it to scan it page by page to package as a PDF. It’s scanned in color to thwart pirates who might get it into their dim heads to try to sell this material. I don’t believe in selling such things made of paper. I think fans should freely share them, as I’ve been doing here, without any commercial gains involved. That you get a copy of it free makes no difference to the paper version. I still have the paper (but I actually prefer the PDF!).

The PDF file: Rubicon 104 Script [23.9MB] <– Right click and Save As…

Come back tomorrow for another script! Monitor Twitter hashtag #Rubicon to be alerted.

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One response to “Rubicon: Script Of Episode 4

  1. wow Mike wow…Thank you!!!
    I hope you can get all the 13 screenplays plus the bible!! Thank you merry xmas to you !! ;)
    I bet in a near future with Crowd funding great shows like Rubicon would just move to YOUTUBE totally self financed buy its audience/ads and product placement …
    thank you very much for posting the screenplay

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