The Power Of Waiting

Impulse Delay

Waiting one day was probably the most beneficial habit though. One day removed me from the marketing messages enough to cut through the impulsive desires they encouraged. There is usually no legitimate reason for not waiting a day to get what you want. And in the meantime you often think of an alternative option that you’d prefer. Or you think of better things to do with the money. Or you realise you are now no longer interested and probably wouldn’t be even if that item were free.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I love that one-day rule.

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One response to “The Power Of Waiting

  1. I’ve been doing exactly that for a few years. It’s an eye-opener I tell you. Even for big ticket items (like the 40″ LED I so desperately wanted) I tell myself, “I’ll wait ’till tomorrow; if I still want it I’ll buy it then.”

    Over time, my one-day hiatus kept me from impulsively getting the iPhone4, the Samsung Galaxy S, the aforementioned Sony 40″ LED, a BMW (long story) and a pile of other stuff I don’t really need.

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