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Rubicon: Script Of Episode 7, Pink Draft

Today is the third of four posts of a Rubicon script, one post per day until tomorrow.

This is episode 7 and I have two drafts: Blue and Pink. This the Pink draft. The Blue was posted yesterday.

This is the episode that showed some of what API goes through as an entity. The FBI pours in and polygraphs everyone in pursuit of a security leak.

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Wikileaks Cablegate: Mention Of eBooks

And the word “e-book” has popped up in one of those leaked cables:


¶4. (SBU) At the same time, the Minister said there has been a lot of progress and an open public debate on the issues surrounding Internet piracy since she came into office last April. There are still populist demands for “free culture” on the Internet, but these are being taken less seriously in the media. The Internet is shaking up traditional modes of cultural distribution, she said. Increased use of the e-book is sensitizing authors and influential media owners to the piracy problem.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I found that using #cablegate Google-search helper.

The cable is also interesting in that you can see how the U.S. government has become a lapdog of the MPAA. Those interested in further study should pop “MPAA” in search above. There are five cables that specifically mention the MPAA. I’ll bet the full scope of MPAA involvement has yet to be revealed since not all of the cables have been made public.

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