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When The Hell Did We Become The Old USSR?

This is just a disgrace.

Sacramento-area pilot punished for YouTube video

Napolitano, resign. You’re not an American. Your TSA is a goddammed anti-American terror that has no place in this nation.


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Android Froyo On Rooted NookColor

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The Digital Reader Is Down

Nate’s site, The Digital Reader, is experiencing technical anomalies.

All posts are playing hide-and-seek right now.

Update 4PM EST: The site is back up.

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Rubicon: Script Of Episode 9, Blue Draft

Today is the last of four posts of a Rubicon script.

If you missed the others:

Rubicon: Script Of Episode 4
Rubicon: Script Of Episode 7, Blue Draft
Rubicon: Script Of Episode 7, Pink Draft

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