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Results Divorced From Effort: Ur Doin It Wrong

The Making of The Millionaire’s Magician

My blog post was meant to address the incoming emails I receive from magicians around the world who ask me to teach them how to replicate my career. They come visit my show, which is sold-out weeks in advance, and say, “I want that.” The problem is that they only see the final result. They do not see the years of struggle and creative thought that went into creating that result.


Magicians who email me for advice in creating a show like Chamber Magic sometimes wonder if there’s a secret formula they can follow to become successful. What they don’t see is that I’ve dedicated my life to the show. My entire lifestyle revolves around the show. The show affects my availability to my family, and prevents me from making outside commitments every single weekend. There’s no easy secret I can offer to up-and-comers who think it’d be fun to have their own show.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

You know how many eejits think they can write?

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Google Ngram: Bankster

Now here you can see a new term being born:

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The term wasn’t in use in 1928 at all:

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Remember, this is in published books that have been digitized by Google. If there’s such a chart for Google Search, I don’t think the term would be ending on a downswing like that. I’ve seen a revival of its use since 2008.

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Racial Slurs In Book History

Google’s Ngram Viewer makes interesting book research possible.

I came across a book called The Japs at Home from 1894. I was surprised “Japs” was in use that far back. I thought the slur was created for World War II propaganda purposes.

That got me wondering about racial slurs in books and this chart is just shocking. I entered four well-know racial slurs: Nigger, Jap, Coon, Chink.

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Nothing comes even close to the slur used against Africans.

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Post-Christmas eBook Survival Guide

Judging from the traffic here yesterday, you lot out there got the following as presents:

1) Android tablet of some kind (many got a Cruz Reader)
2) Borders Gift Card
3) Sony Reader

And you want to:

1) Read PDFs
2) Buy eBooks
3) Probably take out library books
4) Maybe even personalize your Sony Reader

After the break, the list of links to posts you’ll need to get up to speed fast.

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NYC Blizzard Alert

The Sunday forecast on Thursday:



The Sunday forecast on Sunday:

The snow began falling just before 10:30AM. Small flakes but it’s already sticking. I’ve already seen plows and spreaders out there.

This is going to be bloody awful.

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