So What Does Google’s eBookstore Mean?

First Google Books Sales #s In

With its actual-sales-generating bookstore, Google is now in the position where they don’t have to rely on links to Amazon (or Abebooks, or Bookfinder, or even Alibris/B&N) for revenue anymore. As a retailer, Google makes money just being a better, more reliable and consistent source for books than Amazon has become, one that can be stocked with your inventory in a snap via the simple .pdf or .epub files that every publisher has (or should have).

The new global catalog for books, if you will.

Amazon shouldn’t be cutting itself the pieces of cheese revealed in this post. I’d heard of a few of them, but not all.

Doesn’t anyone run an honest business with a level playing field for everyone?

We’ll see how long it takes for Google to start manipulating things too.

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