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What Does It Take? What Do You Have?

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Where Is Sony’s PR Machine?

At the bottom of this post, there’s this:

Thanks to Roger, we hear of a rumor that Sony sold 2 million Sony Readers last year. That’s a stunning number.

Am trying to get a hold of exactly where the rumor is from – Can’t find anything on the Internet. Will add an update later. If Sony really did sell 2 million eReaders, then it greatly increases the probability that the 8 million Kindles sold rumor has some truth to it. It would also mean that B&N probably sold 4 million or more Nooks (including Nook Color).

Roger goes on to say, in Comments, that he can’t find the source.

This is the first time I’ve heard this too.

The last time Sony deigned to open its yap to bray was October 29, 2010, when in The New York Times, it was quoted:

Although Sony declined to offer the exact number of e-readers it had sold to date, a Sony representative said the company had “passed the million-unit milestone a while ago.”

Hey, Sony, there are reasons for you to start braying:

1) People like to feel the device choice they made is WIN
2) People like to know how large a group they belong to
3) Readers in general want to know the total device population to stick it to publishers who won’t drop their prices

So far both Amazon and Kobo have touted their excellent Christmas sales.

Before Barnes & Noble wakes up from its server meltdown and joins this party, why don’t you arrive first, Sony?

That would make great change from Howard Stringer foaming at the mouth over the failures of OLED TVs, 3D TVs, and Google TV.

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