This Way To The Egress, Konrath Suckers!

As Ric Day pointed out in Comments, I’m probably wrong about the apotheosis of Konrath as Publishing Consultant.

What’s most likely is a Seth Godin-like imprint play. “J.A. Konrath Presents” over at Amazon.

Suddenly, he is the Gatekeeper.

Previously here:

Joe Konrath Needs To Shut The Fuck Up


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7 responses to “This Way To The Egress, Konrath Suckers!

  1. Daryl Sedore

    Sorry Mike,

    After reading your comment on Konrath’s site and seeing what you’re doing here it totally looks like you’re attempting popularity off his back.

    Either that or you have issues to work out.

    I will pray for you

    • mikecane

      Sedore, I didn’t know your history but several people have since clued me in. Don’t come back here to Comment again. It won’t be approved.

      • Anonymous

        Wait…he thinks you are trying to get popularity from Konrath? *falls off chair laughing*

      • mikecane

        He has a bizarre history that he has covered up by deleting three posts in which he rants about a conspiracy by editors he hired to fleece him out of $10,000. He also apparently is out there offering similar services to other suckers. The guy is unwell.

  2. Anonymous

    Want a chuckle? I have posted this comment several times at Konrath’s blog, in response to his replies to me. He has deleted it each time. Gatekeeper, indeed.

    Dude, seriously, you haven’t made any points.

    Sigh. Shouldn’t people who claim to be writers have at least a modicum of reading comprehension? Okay, here are the main points again, broken down into easy numbered items for the remedial reading crowd:

    1. Your readers should be aware of your prior attitude and treatment of self-published authors, which was insulting, degrading, and dismissive.

    2. Positioning yourself as the voice of the self-publishing movement is repulsive because of your aforementioned attitude (see point 1).

    3. You are appropriating the arguments of your predecessors and betters and claiming them as your own.

    The point, Mr. Konrath, is that the game has not changed as much as you spout on your blog. There was no magic bullet that hit this year and made 2011 the sudden golden opportunity, whereas in 2009 self-publishing was vile and despicable. John Kremer has compiled a list of successful self-publishing stories going back years.

    The fact of the matter is that one year has only made a difference in your knowledge of self-publishing, not in the reality of self-publishing itself. It was certainly not an uphill battle in 2009 that was solved for 2011. It’s been easy for years. Ebooks are not new; simply because you didn’t know about them or acknowledge their validity does not deny their existence or successes.

    Want to garner the respect of the self-publishing community? The real self-publishing community, who paved the way for your successes, rather than the johnny-come-latelies who see a way to make a quick buck? Then give credit where credit is due. Pay it forward. Acknowledge those who came before you and made possible what you are cashing in on today. And perhaps apologize for your insults and derogatory remarks to self-publishers who were succeeding in their areas long before you learned to unhook yourself from the teat of traditional publishing and gatekeepers.

  3. @Anonymous 11:38

    All that is absolutely correct, but MY only real issue is that he’s perpetuating the idea of royalties. This is Biz 101. Tells me he doesn’t really understand wholesale/distributor/retail and still thinks of himself as a supplier to the Gatekeeper instead of a manufacturer of widgets. That’s not even a validly mockable concept and yet, he manages to do it–immediately and with no thought attached.

    Reading comprehension problem, indeed.

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