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Start 2011 Right: Read A Book!

The Synergy of Images and Words

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The Final Post Of 2010

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The Gordian Knot


You’re gonna rent your music. Argue with me all you want, you’re wrong, shut the fuck up.

It Spotify ever makes it into America, it will be watched very, very closely.

If it becomes a massive success, then books will be next.

So, should Spotify arrive here, its royalty scheme is going to be of great interest to every writer out there.

Previously at The eBook Test:

eBooks: No More Ownership?

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Now Jeff Jarvis Needs To Shut The Fuck Up

The man who is so afraid to fly he wants everyone’s rights violated and the Constitution subverted to stifle his fear is now on a new kick:

Really, Jeff, take a pill and just shut the fuck up.

“What could we do with the $?”

How dare you!

What people choose to spend their money on is their business, not yours.

It’s not your money, goddammit!

What is this, you’ve decided to progress from people’s crotches to their wallets?

Do you want to set up wallet molesters at stores and have the Government approve purchases?

What a little fascist son of a bitch you’re turning into.

You’re old. You’re old and you’ve gotten broken in your head.

Your stupid whining is used all the time by religionists against all writers and their books. Against all forms of entertainment and personal fulfillment.

Go molest your crotch so you can further desensitive yourself to the fact you’ve surrendered every shred of manhood to your cowardice.

Just shut the fuck up already!

Update: Jarvis has just Blocked me on Twitter. Because there is no way someone as stupid as he is will tolerate dissent.

Update 2: Now with exciting all-coward all-the-time Twitter action screensnap:

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I Don’t Care What Steve Jobs Says

A seven-inch iPad is inevitable.

This is why:

It’s 7 inches as opposed to the 8.5×11 iPad. I had a really hard time adjusting to the size and at first, I found it to be the biggest detriment. After all, I love the giant size of the iPad. As an Android phone user, I felt like I was just using a giant version of my phone. However, we went to Key West over the holidays and I found the smaller size of the Galaxy grew on me. It fit in my my purse pocket, unlike my iPad, so I could always have it with me.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That’s from: Samsung Galaxy Tab from Verizon

I’m tired of people dismissing the “purse factor,” as if the desires of women don’t matter. Who says this desire is only a “woman thing” anyway? Not everything requires the Cinerama screen of the current iPad. Reading books doesn’t, and that’d be a big factor in driving sales too. Casually viewing photos doesn’t require an IMAX screen, either. Nor does viewing websites — because people have been doing that for years on the smaller iPhone and iPod Touch screens.

Jobs can spin things however he wants, but the truth of things is that a 7″ iPad would be better than having to use a 3.5″ iPhone or iPod Touch.

I’m awaiting the day for him to spin into existence the inevitable 7″ iPad. I hope that day comes in January 2011.


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