I Don’t Care What Steve Jobs Says

A seven-inch iPad is inevitable.

This is why:

It’s 7 inches as opposed to the 8.5×11 iPad. I had a really hard time adjusting to the size and at first, I found it to be the biggest detriment. After all, I love the giant size of the iPad. As an Android phone user, I felt like I was just using a giant version of my phone. However, we went to Key West over the holidays and I found the smaller size of the Galaxy grew on me. It fit in my my purse pocket, unlike my iPad, so I could always have it with me.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That’s from: Samsung Galaxy Tab from Verizon

I’m tired of people dismissing the “purse factor,” as if the desires of women don’t matter. Who says this desire is only a “woman thing” anyway? Not everything requires the Cinerama screen of the current iPad. Reading books doesn’t, and that’d be a big factor in driving sales too. Casually viewing photos doesn’t require an IMAX screen, either. Nor does viewing websites — because people have been doing that for years on the smaller iPhone and iPod Touch screens.

Jobs can spin things however he wants, but the truth of things is that a 7″ iPad would be better than having to use a 3.5″ iPhone or iPod Touch.

I’m awaiting the day for him to spin into existence the inevitable 7″ iPad. I hope that day comes in January 2011.


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9 responses to “I Don’t Care What Steve Jobs Says

  1. I think you are on to something. I have an iPad and while I love it, and it provides hours of fun, what I want it to be is dual use and replace my macbook and my iPod. So right now, it’s one more thing. I don’t want one more thing.

    What I wonder is if the move to tabs will ultimately make the man purse more acceptable beyond the boundaries of urban hipster men. I’d love to try an Android tab but the galaxy is ridiculously priced and the other brands seem poorly made and designed.

    Thanks for a year of interesting and thoughtful reads, btw.

    • mikecane

      I’ve been carrying a variety of “man purses” since the 80s. Maybe this is a NYC thing, but I’m often suspicious of men who *aren’t* carrying something, even a briefcase; I wonder what kind of life they have that they don’t need ready access to a variety of tools.

      • I hadn’t thought about it that way. Yeah, what are they up to? But maybe it’s more of an NYC thing right now because I find when I’m visiting I carry almost everything with me because I’m out all day, walking, hopping the subway, grabbing cabs and going from meeting to meeting. In suburbia, you leave the house, you take a few bills, a few cards, your keys and your phone. Don’t need much else. But if tablets truly become ubiquitous, that could change.

      • mikecane

        When I’m out for the day, I usually have some bottles or cans of soda in my bag along with something to snack on. Bring-alongs are cheaper than buying in stores as I move around. On days that threaten rain, also an umbrella and one of those garish plastic ponchos. Plus, I usually have paper towels and sometimes Band Aids. You never know. There would also be paper books, *always*, but now that’s changed.

  2. Shock Me

    It is more likely Apple will make a large iPod Touch than a smaller iPad.

    Although extremely unlikely due to the reduced interaction area, I’m not against 7″ screen for many purposes. Wouldn’t mind a hi-rez, wide-screen aspect ratio screen for watching HDTV 1080p either.

    I think a 4.3 screen could be done without making the iPod or iPhone too big to hold comfortably.

  3. James

    I don’t think Steve Jobs was saying the screen is too small for content, he is saying it is too small for multi-touch applications to be different enough from a phone to be worth developing. Basically, if you have the same interaction with your tablet as your phone, why bother with the larger form factor, just carry your phone.

    Certainly there is some market for 7″ tablets, but Jobs thinks it is not large enough to be interesting. Time will tell.

    • mikecane

      For Android tablets, the interaction is hardly different than a phone because the screen ratio is the same as a phone, taller than wide. iPad, however, is 4:3, so it’s wider than an Android tablet. Anyway, we’ll see if he does it. He once said no one reads and flash music players were bad. Now Apple does both — iBookstore and iPod Shuffle.

  4. Well, that ‘purse’ factor is the main reason I won’t consider an iPad. I wouldn’t mind having one, but I want something that’s a lot more portable than a fricking iPad is. I won’t read ebooks on my phone-the screen’s too small. Since I won’t read them on my phone, I’ll just keep using the much more portable Nook & Sony & Cruz gadgets I’ve got. (Yeah, I buy almost every gadget that comes out, as long as I can get use out of it.) iPad is too big.

  5. While you may not be buying what “Jobs” is saying.. I’m not buying what Samsung and some of the other Android tablet manufacturers are selling either.

    Don’t kid yourselves. They’re talking about “portability” but the real reasons these 7″ tablets exist is:

    1. It’s cost them as much to produce a 7″ tablet as it does for Apple to produce a 10″ tablet.

    2. There aren’t any Android specific tablets apps out there. They’re basically phone apps. These phone apps scale well to a 7″ screen. Anything larger and they would look like iPhone apps on an iPad.

    The portability issue while it does have some validity is overblown. People have carried laptops around for years and a 10″ tablet is much smaller than a laptop.

    I used the tab and the whole experience is not as enjoyable as it is on a 10″ screen. I found myself pinching and opening my fingers to view websites that didn’t have mobile editions, reading replica magazines required a lot of scaling motions as well.

    While reading books on a Kindle was fine as was playing games and listening to music, typing anything longer than a paragraph was a chore.

    Don’t get me wrong… my argument isn’t iPad vs Tab. It’s 7″ vs 10″ screens which is why i’m looking forward to the Motorola XOOM running Honeycomb with TRUE Android tablet apps.

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