Now Jeff Jarvis Needs To Shut The Fuck Up

The man who is so afraid to fly he wants everyone’s rights violated and the Constitution subverted to stifle his fear is now on a new kick:

Really, Jeff, take a pill and just shut the fuck up.

“What could we do with the $?”

How dare you!

What people choose to spend their money on is their business, not yours.

It’s not your money, goddammit!

What is this, you’ve decided to progress from people’s crotches to their wallets?

Do you want to set up wallet molesters at stores and have the Government approve purchases?

What a little fascist son of a bitch you’re turning into.

You’re old. You’re old and you’ve gotten broken in your head.

Your stupid whining is used all the time by religionists against all writers and their books. Against all forms of entertainment and personal fulfillment.

Go molest your crotch so you can further desensitive yourself to the fact you’ve surrendered every shred of manhood to your cowardice.

Just shut the fuck up already!

Update: Jarvis has just Blocked me on Twitter. Because there is no way someone as stupid as he is will tolerate dissent.

Update 2: Now with exciting all-coward all-the-time Twitter action screensnap:

Click = big


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10 responses to “Now Jeff Jarvis Needs To Shut The Fuck Up

  1. Hal

    What a little fascist son of a bitch you’re turning into.

    Those of us unfortunate to have followed Herr Jarvis through the aftermath of 9/11 have seen this Jarvis for about 8 years now. He’ll sometimes say something rational, but let’s just say that his true colors come shining through.

  2. Jeff

    Jarvis blocked you because you’re a belligerent douchebag who thinks people actually give a shit what you say. I think Jarvis is wrong on a lot of things. But that doesn’t prompt me to go blog like an utter jackass about it.

    • mikecane

      Oh stop it. Since when did a blog post cause anyone to lose any goddam sleep? Jarvis is such a spineless, gutless pussy that just using CAPS in a tweet scared the shit out of him. That ANYONE listens to that prat makes me despair for the future of this nation. From hard-won independence in 1776 to this cowardly bullshit of 2010. And as for you, hey, you came and read. Thanks. You’ll be back too. You’re the kind who does that, liar.

  3. Jeff

    To be fair, Mike, I must say that my last post was a bit trollish, and generally I don’t do that. Additionally, I don’t actually disagree with most of what you say about Jarvis. In fact, I’ve had to stop listening to THis Week in Google because his general nuttiness is more than I can stomach.

    I guess the point I was trying to make and failed to do so is that perhaps a less blunt method of confronting him would go over better. Then again, he’s the one putting himself out there all over the web, so perhaps he’s a bit too sensitive, which of course is what you’re getting at.

    And I never said I wouldn’t be back, thus I’m not a liar. ;)

    In fact, I read a few other posts of yours. Not bad. I’ll follow ya. Happy New Year!

    • mikecane

      No problem. Look, sometimes blunt is the best weapon because when someone writes like William F. Buckley it goes in one eye and out the other. The post might soothe your dendrites but it is also soon forgotten. People will never forget where I stand with Jarvis or Konrath and that’s the impression I need to make. Given the huge traffic both posts have had and the lack of defense they both got, I have to think I’ve voiced what others have been thinking but don’t want to go on record to say. I’m not afraid of going on record.

  4. Jeff

    Haven’t read the Konrath one yet, but will. I suspect your right. I think a lot of people may let the shit that Jarvis says slide, largely due to who he’s associated with: Stern, Leo Laporte. I know I did for the longest time. But following him on Twitter changed that up a bit.
    It’s a shame really. Google and the cloud are fascinating topics for me, however Jarvis goes deep down the rabbit hole too often as of late, and overshadows the other panelists with stuff largely irrelevant to the topic.

    • mikecane

      Jarvis is allegedly old enough to know better. That he doesn’t, and that he is willing to let his fear violate the rights of everyone in this nation, is inexcusable and requires screaming. And then his stupid moralism about virtual goods — the same argument was made against comic books, and before that, novels. If he has no sense of history, he damn well better develop some.

  5. Jack B

    I cannot stand Jeff Jarvis. He’s a self-serving, kiss-ass flatterer and self-promoter and completely disingenuous. He’s also never done anything except a stint at entertainment weekly. He’s a never-was, ivory tower philosopher without any idea how the world works.

  6. I’ve heard the audio book version of his book, “What Would Google Do?” He uses his book to spread his opinions of things like Real Estate as absolute fact. He says they make a lot of money for doing nothing, what a lie. I have family members that could prove him wrong, one of them is a working broker, and she works from the moment she wakes up, to the moment she goes to bed, every day of the week. That’s not “doing nothing”. She hasn’t had a vacation, in at least 10 years. I am sure she does more work, than he does.

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