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Samsung Does The Stupid To Galaxy Tab Owners

WARNING! Do not flash jm6/A/C/D/E/F… Before reading this !

Basically, they’ve modfied the ROM update so that customization or replacing it with other ROMs becomes impossible.

Let me quote Google to them:

It’s possible to design unlocking techniques that protect the integrity of the mobile network, the rights of content providers, and the rights of application developers, while at the same time giving users choice. Users should demand no less.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

What worries me about this move by Samsung is that it might give ideas to Barnes & Noble about the NookColor.

Should B&N lock down the NookColor like that, it’d spell their doom.


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Educated Into Complacent Stupidity

Europe’s Young Grow Agitated Over Future Prospects

There are basically only two types of people in this world:

1) Those who do what they want
2) Those who wait to be told what to do

The tragedy is that too many of the first engage in illegal or sociopathic behavior to the detriment of everyone.

The tragedy of the second is that they deserve better.

The above New York Times article describes a well-educated and young woman who can’t see anything in her future but the second choice: Tell me what to do. Give me a job.

There is something wrong with all of society when people who have been educated and who have talents (she speaks five languages!) see only a slot and obedience as their future and their place in society.

All of you out there with your fancy education and unique skills who can’t see any income prospects: Agitate for change. You have the time on your hands. Fight for your future.

Create some action instead of just sitting there.

No one is going to do a damn thing for you.


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Hashtags Go Mainstream

I passed by this ad, did a double-take, and pulled out the camera to document it.

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Brookstone iPad Keyboard And More

I’m probably the last one to know of this keyboard, but I spotted it this morning and took some pictures.

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South Ferry Manhattan Fog

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