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A New Take On eBooks

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The Price Revolution Begins

Adamant’s New “App-Pricing” Model

As the decade has progressed, we’ve amassed data, and formed opinions based on the observation of that data. The two biggest take-aways for us have been: One, our “app-priced” products have consistently sold better than our more traditionally-priced work; and Two: that the best way to offer digital product is through cost and convenience.

A lot of media producers talk a lot about “piracy” — how to stop it, how to get around it, how to design their businesses to deal with it. This is folly. People want to support the things that they enjoy, and overwhelmingly prefer safe, legitimate sources to do so — as long as you make in convenient and make it reasonably priced. That’s all there is — there’s no stopping unauthorized file sharing, and it’s ridiculous to tailor your business to try and address it. Companies should instead spend their effort figuring out ways to make it easier for customers to purchase… which is what we feel our new experiment allows.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

It will probably make them gnash their teeth, but I’d never heard of this company before today. That’s OK, I’m not their target market. I’m not a game player.

As I’ve highlighted above, they understand what everyone else has been trying to drum into the price-fixing Agency-model print publishing industry for years. Combine impulse price with impulse convenience and you win. Why is this so difficult to understand?

Where is the revolution here? It comes in the next bit of their announcement, which is boldfaced in the original:

Adamant is dropping the price of all of our tabletop games PDF products to one dollar, across the board.

I wish them overwhelming success and a massive amount of sales.

I think many people will be wanting progress updates down the road.

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Android Tablet Makers: You’re Doing Pocket PC Again!

This week CES will finally see that threatened flood of Android tablets.

99% of them will be utter failures, with probably 80% of the ones shown never coming to market at all.

This is so similar to the Pocket PC playbook (no subliminal nod to RIM intended) that it makes me wonder if anyone in the tech world ever paid any attention to that.

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R.I.P. Anne Francis

Anne Francis dies at 80; costarred in the 1950s science-fiction classic ‘Forbidden Planet’

We kids knew her as Honey West before we ever got to see the Forbidden Planet movie.

Oddly, she states she was on American TV before The Avengers and Mrs. Peel. That memory is too far back for me to chronologically parse.

At any rate, one of the good things to come out of the revolutionary 1960s was the broadening of horizons for young girls and women.

And after the break, an episode of Honey West, courtesy of YouTube. See it — and others there — before they are DMCAed away. Then go get the DVD set [Amazon, B&N, Borders, J&R].

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Saving Borders

Errrrrm, the thing is, Borders is more like an auto dealership than one of the Big 3.

The car dealers got massacred.

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Amazon Kindle Trainwreck Ahead

Amazon Sells Over 3 Million eBooks In One Week

Kindle is a runaway train heading for Manhattan, and as it roars through Penn Station and under the city, it is shaking the foundations of New York’s oldest trade publishers. Increasing eBook sales mean increasing cost per unit for print books, since fixed production costs will be amortized over fewer print unit sales. Trade publishers are struggling to exercise pricing power in an environment that demands cheap eBooks, and where the temptation of underselling competitors on all but the biggest brand-name authors is ever present.

I think it’s clear that wherever the Kindle train is heading, Amazon is driving, and the big trade publishers have little choice at this point other than buying a first class ticket and making up to the engineer. At some point, perhaps in just another year or two, Kindle may represent a large enough percentage of trade sales that even name authors will be better off jumping ship and taking their own seat on the Kindle train. Yes, some authors will stick with the trades in return for fawning attention over their delicate genius, but writing for most authors is a business. When Amazon Kindle represents a better business opportunity than greater paper sales at a lower royalty, Amazon will take the prize.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I don’t like the idea of the most powerful company selling ebooks having a stranglehold on what people can read. Do you?

Nature hates monopolies. Nature never gives one thing all of the power. Only human beings are stupid enough to do that.

At some point, this train is going to jump the tracks and hurt everyone.


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