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The Bonfire Of The Print Publishing Dunces

They’re Selling Comics On The iPad The Wrong Way

The iPad, with its digital downloads, has the ability to offer reams of forgotten comics and sell them to us comics readers cheap. Unfortunately, that’s not what Comics and its competing apps do. They make a broad but shallow pool of content available — little from the 80s, even less from the decades before — and all for prices you have to think twice about.

Comic book publishers, unlike traditional book publishers, outright own most of the material they publish.

Generally speaking, they don’t have to worry about handing out royalties for books that are decades old.

Instead of seeing that as a found money gold mine they can exploit to add to their bottom lime immediately while they sort out the issue of pushing their obsolete storefront partners over a cliff so they can fully join the future, they diddle around and offer a shallow pool of content at prices that make people say No.

I don’t care how smart these people think they are. They are driving the business into the ground with a Stupid Engine.


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