Welcome To The Whiplash Of 2011

One of the things I’ve been doing over a year now is checking into Drudge Report and taking a screensnap at least once a day.

Drudge used to be the news source to go to, being first with most of the news. It’s degenerated into a site linking to mainly freak show news stories these days.

Still, it’s been documenting the deteriorating financial situation just with the largest headline each day. I think at one point seeing those headlines in order will tell a tale people have been otherwise ignoring.

Otherwise, Drudge is usually now the last to display breaking news. It’s been superseded by Twitter, which is how I got the news of the shooting of the Arizona Congresswoman.

The day at Drudge began like this:

Click = big

I don’t have a timestamp for that because I went full-screen to fit in the Napolitano item in the lower right corner.

Then someone RTed this into my stream:

That has a 1:18PM EST datestamp that shows up only if you hover over the elapsed timestamp. [Update: After 24 hours have elapsed, the timestamp appears.]

Drudge didn’t pick up on this until 1:58PM EST:

Click = big

Which again proves if you want breaking news, you need to be on Twitter.

Drudge refreshed multiple times after that:

Click = big

Click = big

Click = big

Click = big

Then the word “dead” was withdrawn:

Click = big

Welcome to the whiplash that will be 2011.

At the time I type this, it’s unknown what the extent of the Congresswoman’s head wound is, if she will survive it, and what quality of life she will have afterwards.

Many people out there are busy passing around a map Sarah Palin published with gunsight targets on a map. You might dislike that rhetoric, but no one has yet said the assassin ever saw that damned map. For all we know, this could be a personal vendetta, where the assassin appealed to her office, disliked the response, and cracked.

I’m no fan of Sarah Palin, but pointing at her this early is just ugly exploitation from the other side. Wait for any connection to be established first.

Inflammatory rhetoric has been alive in New York City ever since Bob Grant got on talk radio. Trust me, you think Glenn Beck is shocking? Grant was worse. I know this firsthand because I listened daily. And no one could ever connect what Grant said to anyone else’s actions. Believe it or not, most people are level-headed and don’t rush off to grab a gun to solve a problem or to silence someone they oppose.

And for those screeching about “rhetoric” instigating this assassination attempt, show me what John Lennon — or anyone else! — ever said to make Mark David Chapman target him.

Establish the connection first is all I’m saying. Or your rhetoric is as bad as that you’re claiming as motivation.

In other news today, 14 headless bodies were found in Mexico. And a Portuguese reporter was murdered and castrated by his male lover here in New York City.

Welcome to the whiplash of 2011.

It only gets worse from here.


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5 responses to “Welcome To The Whiplash Of 2011

  1. @kihope

    Love the optimism! But you’re totally right – we’re all jumping to conclusions re: Palin, but I think that speaks to the desperation we feel to blame someone for the sorry state of our nation, which is how fascism begins, I believe; this kind of climate.

    • mikecane

      Suddenly, Palin-blaming has dropped to ZERO in my Twitterstream, once his YouTube channel and MySpace page were revealed. How many will recall blaming her if she’s shot in the months ahead? And will they then blame themselves?

      • Mister Snitch

        “How many will recall blaming her if she’s shot in the months ahead? And will they then blame themselves?”

        What you’re really asking is: “How many assholes will admit to being assholes?” By definition, the answer is zero.

        BTW: Well-done. Mr. Cane.

      • mikecane

        Mr. Snitch! Long time no see! How have you been? Where are you on Twitter, if you are?

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