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CBC: InSecurity

The Internets brought something called InSecurity to my attention.

It’s a CBC (that means Canadian!) TV series. A half hour weekly filmed satire of the world of spies.

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Indecency For Jesus

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Decency Has No Nationality And No Color


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You’ve Won A Free Federal Inquiry!

US subpoenas Wikileaks tweets, and why this could affect you

I don’t know when I started Following Wikileaks on Twitter. I don’t think it was before the entire cablegate incident.

I’m not worried. The NSA has been sucking up the entire Internet for years. They have files on everyone by now.

That’s the kind of things rogue states at the end of their rope do.

Because everyone becomes an enemy.

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Decency Has No Nationality And No Color

Young intern saved Gabrielle Giffords’s life

A heroic young intern for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords – who had been on the job for only five days – quickly rushed to stop the bleeding moments after she had been shot and his quick thinking is being credited with saving the congresswoman’s life.

The Arizona Republic published a profile of 20-year-old University of Arizona junior Daniel Hernandez, revealing he was standing 30 feet from Giffords when shots were fired outside a local Safeway — and that he ran toward them.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

His last name is “Hernandez.” Does that mean he’s even American?

Oh, you know what I mean by “American.” Everyone does.

Isn’t that the entire question that’s been boiling across the nation, who is really an American?

As long as you’re white, you can be smug, entitled, spoiled, selfish, thoroughy unqualified for political office, even be an outright sociopathic, but your “Americanism” is never questioned.

Meanwhile, millions of blacks, browns, orientals, and other non-whites have their loyalty, identity, and character questioned all the time.

This is really a national disgrace.

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