CBC: InSecurity

The Internets brought something called InSecurity to my attention.

It’s a CBC (that means Canadian!) TV series. A half hour weekly filmed satire of the world of spies.

They work for NISA. I can’t figure out if this is like our CIA or FBI. Maybe a combo of the two, because in the episode I saw, they were spying inside Canada yet the bad guys were foreigners.

It stars:

The swank main set:

And this first episode was by:

It has a hot theme song. It also has lush photography. The scripting is in the vein of Get Smart, Quark, and the Airplane-type of movies. Thankfully, it does not have a laugh track.

It made me laugh out loud three times, so if you’re outside of Canada, it’s worth a shot to search the Internets for it to give it a shot.

Those inside Canada can probably catch up via the website.

Update: There’s an InSecurity YouTube Channel.


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6 responses to “CBC: InSecurity

  1. Hi Mike check this

    Any more news on your RUBICON’s Deep Throat goodies delivery ;) ?

    ps: read this http://www.litwack.org/ an interesting inside on the film/tv industry right

  2. Thank you Mike, you have some great posts here…
    ah check this old but… http://www.amctv.com/originals/Rubicon/api-interview/

    Rubicon wow …what a cult TV show it will became … get ready for this…
    ..and thank you Mike

  3. Farid

    The Sun Ain’t Shinin’ No More – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

  4. Aja

    InSecurity is now also available on Netflix.

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