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Thunderbirds Are Go Again?

BBC: Thunderbirds creator tells of new series as stamps unveiled
Fanderson: New Series Of Thunderbirds

Well, that’s one hell of a surprise.

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Photo: Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs. NookColor

It’s not until you see a side-by-side picture that the dimensions sink in:

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Galaxy Tab: 7.48″ x 4.74″ x 0.46″ – 12 oz
NookColor: 8.1″ x 5.0″ x 0.48″ – 15.6 oz

Don’t pay attention to the icons being smaller on the NookColor. He’s running it at a different dpi than out of the box.

Thanks to Steven Troughton-Smith for the photo!

His other adventures recorded here include:

Android Froyo On Rooted NookColor
Replace That NookColor Keyboard
Google Books PDF On Rooted NookColor
eInk Screens Lack Consistent Blacks

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The E In eBook Does Not Mean Egress





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The Wrong Kind Of Sticky
This Way To The Egress, Konrath Suckers!
Joe Konrath Needs To Shut The Fuck Up

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