Thunderbirds Are Go Again?

BBC: Thunderbirds creator tells of new series as stamps unveiled
Fanderson: New Series Of Thunderbirds

Well, that’s one hell of a surprise.

Gerry looked fit and fine in the BBC News video, which bodes well for his continued longevity.

It will be interesting to see what he does. I’d rather not see it as CGI, but he’s stated in the past that would be his goal.

I grew up with Anderson’s series, from Supercar all the way through to Space:1999. Then came Terrahawks and Space Precinct. I’ve grown fonder of Terrahawks as time has gone by. Space Precinct has yet to win me.

New Captain Scarlet was his last series and it was sabotaged by lack of CGI experience, shredded airings in the U.K., and a very different TV landscape in the U.S.. It never became the triumphant comeback he hoped for.

It’s not enough for him to produce the series, he must seriously line up a broadcast partner here in the U.S. that will give it a prominent timeslot. When Thunderbirds originally aired here in NYC, it was, if I recall correctly, 6PM on Saturday evenings, as a syndicated series. The three TV networks at the time seriously bid on it, but ITC asked too much money and screwed the pooch, exiling the program to an ad-hoc network sold to stations one-by-one. (The TV networks would later ignore Space:1999 altogether, which led to blistering condemnations from critics at the time!)

I hope he’ll do a revived Thunderbirds that lives up to the heights of his career.

Good luck, Gerry!

Warning: Chances are most of the embedded videos below no longer work.

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