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No, It Never Gets Easier

@jonrog1John Rogers — co-created TV’s Leverage and also did the script to the cult TV adaptation of Global Frequency. And he has a blog.


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Borders Drops Kobo Wireless Reader To $99

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I don’t know how long this sale will last or if it’s also in-store too.

Update: An email from Borders clarifies this is a four-day only special sale. For in-store purchases, a coupon needs to be printed out and brought along. Website purchases do not require a coupon or even promo code. Here is the coupon link. The coupon can be used to buy up to five of them. This would not be a good time to be out of black ink.

That’s a great price for a wireless eInk device. Jump on it.

But if you also buy a Borders Gift Card to buy some eBooks, heed this post!

2011 has barely begun and Jane Litte wins again.


How to browse the web on the Kobo Wifi

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