2015: The One-Terabyte iPad

That’s the progression I see. The iPad was introduced last year with a maximum capacity of 64GBs. Everyone expects the maximum to double to 128GBs this year. And if this progression continues, we get this:

2010: 64GB
2011: 128GB
2012: 256GB
2013: 512GB
2014: 750GB
2015: 1TB

Yeah, 2014 will be disappointing in that the storage won’t double again, but that’s how I see storage capacity incremented with hard drives, so I expect that to happen with the iPad in 2014 too.

Some people are probably wondering, “One terabyte! What will we ever do with that?”

The actual question is: What won’t we do with that?

And personally, I could use a 1TB iPad this year.


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5 responses to “2015: The One-Terabyte iPad

  1. I might be very wrong, but I don’t think these mobile devices’ storage space will grow that fast.

    From their design perspective, I would think that Apple would rather decrease their products’ size & weight and increase battery life rather before throwing a terabyte of storage onto the device.

    I would think that more and more content will be streamed or permanently stored for people in the cloud. The large data center that Apple built is further proof of that and I would expect more future Mobile Me, iTunes products that take advantage of this going forward.

    • mikecane

      1) Jobs has stated more than once that he won’t do a smaller screen size of iPad. I don’t believe him, of course, but the 8.9″ screen one won’t be going away anytime soon.

      2) Streaming forgets people such as me, who are technically unsophisticated when it comes to something like that. Apple would have to make that feature very inexpensive and moron-proof. Otherwise, I’d like enough storage on a device to carry around a lot of stuff w/o having to rely on WiFi or 3/4/5G (I say 5G due to me citing 2015).

      Also, for all we know, there might come some sort of storage breakthrough where the chips become smaller, cheaper, and can squeeze even more in sooner than we think. We could see 1TB then at a price most everyone can afford before 2015.

  2. I’ll be happy with a 64 or 128 GB iPhone 5 this year. Even a 64. I was really disappointed we did not get one last year.

  3. jsk

    And how long has the iPod touch been capped at 64GB?

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