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Yet Another eBook Convert

Nicole L.V. Mullis: The Book Junkie’s iPod

This was a screen? It looked like black ink on parchment.

Not sure how to start, I downloaded one of my favorite books. It took ten seconds. I started reading and I haven’t stopped.

This thing is the book junkie’s iPod.

Unlike most digital doo-hickeys, this device has only one purpose — reading. No phone, no camera function, no apps, no touch screen for my bumble thumbs to fumble. Long, simple buttons line the sides so I can turn the page with either hand. The keyboard is subtle, only there to look up words or make notes.

It connects to the Internet, but for the sole intention of receiving books. No Google, no e-mail, no social networking, just books. This has taken my book addiction to a whole new instant-gratification level. There is no shipping. I see, I click, I receive.

Documents the buyer reaction that has led to Kindle triumphing over all others.

When will Sony ever learn?


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