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New Twitter Has Become Browser Poison

Over the weekend, I noticed that YouTube video would stutter every 3-4 seconds in every browser I tried: the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

This didn’t used to happen. In fact, I praised Opera for giving me back smooth video playback.

Then Opera 11 beta came. And New Twitter in it was awful. Then Opera 11 Final came and New Twitter in it was still awful.

Things got so bad that during the course of the day, I would cycle through all three browsers!

This weekend, I discovered that if I didn’t have New Twitter open in a tab, all of the problems I’d been experiencing went away!

Video became smooth again. Web pages loaded like five times faster too!

I’ve established that for people with weaker PCs (mine is a 1.8GHz Celeron), having New Twitter open in a tab is just poisonous. It will slow everything down in a browser.

Right now I’m using Firefox again. Only because Firefox has the Echofon extension for Twitter I used originally as TwitterFox. I also have a Speed Dial extension that is superior to Opera’s own Speed Dial (which I love!).

So, if you’ve been experiencing browser slowdowns, close that damn New Twitter tab and I bet everything will get better fast.

And for the techies: Yes, I do have the latest version of Java, Flash, Shockwave, blah, blah, blah installed. I made sure of that early last week. Is it any wonder why people hate their damned PCs and instead want to use an iPad?

Update: See this post.



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