Writers: Save Your Ad Money!

Facebook Is A Ponzi Scheme

Have you ever bought a Facebook ad? I have. I have talked to many, many people who have. We have spent hundreds, many have spent thousands or even more, experimenting with Facebook ads. They are worthless. Nobody ever looks at them, and nobody ever clicks on them. I just talked to someone who was trying to promote a book. He found it cost him over $100 in ads to sell one book. Moreover, as you increase your ad spending, people get used to the ads and just ignore them. So, your already low click-through rate plummets even further.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That writer would have been better off spending less money to sponsor Kindle Nation Daily for one day and probably would have earned back that money the same day too. (They are apparently working on a Nook Nation Daily too, by the way. And, as usual, I have no connection to these.)


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3 responses to “Writers: Save Your Ad Money!

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  2. The “direct sell” (i.e. “buy this book now”) doesn’t work on FB. If that’s all you’re doing on there, then yes–your money will be going down the drain. However, if you use CREATIVITY in your ads, you can target and build a fanbase…who will eventually buy your product. Maybe. I recommend building an ad around a page instead of around a direct link to a book on Amazon, for instance.

    Also, ad-clicks don’t go down over time in my experience–they go UP. This is where the social networking part comes in. FB users are more likely to click on an ad when it says “Your friend _____ likes this page.” FB calls these “social clicks.”

  3. Facebook is just wrong on so many levels, I can’t keep track—at the very least, utterly untrustworthy. The last thing I would ever do is give MORE money to Zuckerberg by purchasing ads. Hard to believe the moral insensitivity of people who don’t mind all the evil stuff. I just couldn’t handle it when I was a member. Made me feel dirty all day long, but then I’m weird.

    My one-day sponsorship at Kindle Nation Daily, BTW, resulted in sales that easily paid for the advertising and then some. I didn’t get rich, but I never felt I was hanging out with the wrong crowd.

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