Early Word On Fixes For New Twitter

Updated at end of post!

Second update at end of post!

I don’t know if all the exposure my blog post got led to this. Probably not.

Update: Here’s the blog post explaining it: About that slowness on Twitter…

It might be too early to tell, but right now I’ve been hammering on New Twitter with Opera 11 again and it’s all been fast and beautifully smooth, as it was months ago. I will switch back to Opera 11 again from Firefox and give it all another shot in the morning.

Update 2: It’s the next morning. Started the day with Opera 11 and I’ve used New Twitter as I typically do. The jittering that was driving me crazy is gone! Infinite scrolling is smooth and I’m not having a ton of tweets drop in to lose my place while scrolling, as it had been doing. So, I’m ditching Firefox again for the better overall speed of Opera 11.

Previously here:

New Twitter Has Become Browser Poison

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