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Tablet Periodical Links #1

These are links I have a feeling I’ll need to refer to again and again. And Opera’s jungle of bookmark menus is counterproductive to quickly finding such things.

Key Success Factors for a tablet-only “paper”
Rebooting Web Publishing Design
iPad publishing: time to switch to v2.0
Apple’s bet on publishing

Why the iPad Newspaper is Doomed


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Sony Reader Pocket Touch Now US$129.00

Sony insisted it would not be dragged into a price war. Yet they’ve been surprisingly busy offering discount after discount.

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But not everyone has caught up to this new discount yet:

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If you aren’t interested in a Kindle, the Sony Pocket Touch is a great eInk device.


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Theme To CBC’s InSecurity

Thanks to Commenter Farid for pointing it out!

Rights restrictions prevent me from embedding, so click to go to YouTube for the video.

Previously here:

CBC: InSecurity

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