Sony Reader Pocket Touch Now US$129.00

Sony insisted it would not be dragged into a price war. Yet they’ve been surprisingly busy offering discount after discount.

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But not everyone has caught up to this new discount yet:

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If you aren’t interested in a Kindle, the Sony Pocket Touch is a great eInk device.


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4 responses to “Sony Reader Pocket Touch Now US$129.00

  1. I’m waiting for a price war where the eBook reader costs less than my Quarterly book budget.

  2. I’m so torn. I am buying an Ereader next week and I can’t decide. I need to keep it to under 150.00 so there are suddenly more options then before. I bought my dad a Kindle for Christmas, and he likes it, but I like the look of the Kruz…but then I tried it out and it was clunky. The Sony seems similar to the kindle but it is the ONLY ereader at this point I believe where libraries will let you download for free so with this price drop…Sony’s looking surprisingly good, but I also want to go easily online. arggg…

    • mikecane

      The weak spot of the Sony is the lack of wireless. Other than that, I think it kicks the Kindle’s ass in a lot of ways. Smaller, lighter, touchscreen. But Kindle has features Sony can’t provide: Full excerpts saved to the cloud, syncing across devices, and just a hell of a lot more books.

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