Book People Are So Damn Stone Age

To be clear, this is not Don Linn’s idea. He’s just passing along what he heard at one of those many “conferences” book publishing likes to put on. Those sad groups where a few tell the many and the many leave and forget all that they’ve heard.

That is what book people would consider an innovation.

And that’s why they lose.

Look at what a games publisher did today to pimp its upcoming product:

Click = big

Enlarge that to confirm these numbers:

24,000 viewers over the course of it at time of screensnap
2,749 live viewers at time of screensnap
175 using live chat at time of screensnap

And book publishing thinks people will put up with temporarily Following someone on Twitter to be served a glorified live text ad?

I doubt they’d wind up with even the 175 people Ustream had in live chat!

This is not rocket science or even science fiction. I’ve covered using Ustream several times, and here are your reminders:

This Is The Future Of Book Tours
The Future Is Arriving Sooner Than I Thought
How Our Future Does Things
I Am Internationally Persecuted!
Live jkk & Chippy!

Really, you book people are just so damn … flaccid, impotent, backward, and pathetic.

Enter the 21st century already! We’re in its second decade!


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5 responses to “Book People Are So Damn Stone Age

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  2. Don Linn

    Thanks for pointing out that this was not my idea, and I think it’s a terrible one. There have been a couple of these I’ve seen on Twitter recently and basically they’re a lot of noise and clutter in the tweet-stream. If you want to “attend”, you have to make the effort to follow someone specifically for the occasion (and if you’re not following the host already, chances are you didn’t hear about the event). If you do happen to be following the host and you don’t want to “attend”, you have to unfollow to avoid all the unwanted noise in your twitter. Very inefficient and annoying use of scarce marketing resources, in my opinion.

  3. I don’t see why these guys can’t get it together. I mean couldn’t they hire just about any teenager in North America to clue them in to stuff like this? Oh wait, teenagers don’t read books…

  4. Publishers can’t seem to grasp the fact that they aren’t in a B2B business anymore. I don’t think they’ll ever get a clue.

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