Magazines, Meet Your Doom, Part Two

EXCLUSIVE: Former Wizard Employee Speaks

iF: What was Wizard’s online strategy, if you knew of it, while you were employed there?

FWE: It is really funny that you ask about the online strategy; as far as I knew, there was none. A few weeks ago, I heard some talk of having our magazine published on the iPad through Comixology. Having had some experience with digital publishing, I suggested to the editorial director and most senior member of the editorial staff that pages might need to be re-thought to fit the format. He seemed very confused as to what that even meant as far as workflow, etc.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I can’t speak for the rest of the interview but that part, right there, is why magazines can’t jump to digital. They’re not even at the starting gate like print book publishers!

What you usually get is, “Well, why can’t we just do it as a PDF?”

At least print book publishing is past that point.

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Magazines, Meet Your Doom

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