Tablet Periodicals Links #2

Continuing to collect these links I’ll need later.

B&N boast 650 thousand digital magazines sold in the past 2 months
Nook Newsstand Sales Exceed Expectations
Barnes & Noble:150 Percent More Subs Since Xmas Than Previous Year
B&N: Nook Color sparks sales of periodicals
— the thing not to ever forget is that these magazines exist only in NookColor format. It’s not like they’re also for sale for the iPad or Android tablets too.

Why digital newsstands stink
The iPad newsstand that works
Google Digital Newsstand Aims to Muscle In on Apple

Forget apps, OnSwipe is the future of publishing.

@Themediaisdying: The Brutal Truth From Two Years In The Twitterverse

SCOOP: Wizard Magazine To Close Immediately
Wizard Magazine goes public and digital, ends print edition – UPDATED

Digital Magazine Features & Benefits
10 Takeaways from the SPD Judging
A Recipe for Hotcake-Selling Magazine Apps

Issue 1 of Hackers! is here!

Previously here:

Tablet Periodical Links #1

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