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Windows 7: The Best iPad Seller!

So today I had to help someone set up some things on a new Windows 7 notebook.

This is a notebook mainly used for casual offline game-playing.

Until today.

When it had to get on the Internet.

And really, the Internet tasks it will do are ordinary things: email and some online game-playing.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Aldiko Experiment

Bill Miranda got a Samsung Galaxy Tab this week.

As usual, this called for a Science Experiment!

He installed Aldiko 2.0 and I sent him the standard test ePub again. He sent back screensnaps with this report:

Page turn animation doesn’t work though turned on. Pages slide. Response good at reading speed but you sometimes get a second of “loading” if scrolling through pages at rapid clip. It isn’t iBooks beautiful but certainly functional.

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Tablet Sizes: Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs. iPad

Steven Troughton-Smith photos.

Portrait Samsung Galaxy Tab on top of landscape iPad:

Click = ginormous

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Samsung Pimps Galaxy Tab Like iPad

Samsung’s ad agency has caught on to Apple’s NYC ad blitz tactics. The ads aren’t as prevalent as iPad ads, but this one is appearing where an iPad ad once did:

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Mass Market Paperback Vs. Tablets

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Circa-1973 Playboy Press edition of Instant Millionaires by Max Gunther, actual-size Samsung Galaxy Tab card brochure, NookColor brochure (the paper itself is NookColor actual-size).

Despite camera distortion, they’ve been carefully aligned at the bottom. I also wound up accidentally breaking the spine of the paperback comparing a page of type to the ersatz GTab screen!

iPad fans can say anything they want. That photo makes it clear that for people who like to read, a 7″ 16:9 tablet is comparable to carrying around a mass-market paperback. It’s been announced that Samsung has sold two million of the GTab. Many of those people must have been interested in the iPad but wanted something smaller to easily carry around. I still await Apple doing a 7″ iPad. Although with a 7″ webOS tablet coming, I might not care by the time it arrives.


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Help Prevent Snow Illiteracy

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