Mass Market Paperback Vs. Tablets

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Circa-1973 Playboy Press edition of Instant Millionaires by Max Gunther, actual-size Samsung Galaxy Tab card brochure, NookColor brochure (the paper itself is NookColor actual-size).

Despite camera distortion, they’ve been carefully aligned at the bottom. I also wound up accidentally breaking the spine of the paperback comparing a page of type to the ersatz GTab screen!

iPad fans can say anything they want. That photo makes it clear that for people who like to read, a 7″ 16:9 tablet is comparable to carrying around a mass-market paperback. It’s been announced that Samsung has sold two million of the GTab. Many of those people must have been interested in the iPad but wanted something smaller to easily carry around. I still await Apple doing a 7″ iPad. Although with a 7″ webOS tablet coming, I might not care by the time it arrives.



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2 responses to “Mass Market Paperback Vs. Tablets

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  2. A friend of mine has a GTab and was using it when we had lunch together the other day. I think you get used to the sizes of things after a while because it sure seemed small to me, especially for web browsing, which is what we were doing.

    OTOH, the iPad violates one of my primary criteria for truly useful devices: it does not fit in my purse.

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