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Thoughts On The Future Of The Magazine

iPad Mags Need A New Blueprint

His bottom line: Social, Realtime, Local.

Social: I can understand in relation to wanting to share things with others — outbound from the magazine. I don’t understand it in relation to having a stream of pointless tweets appearing — inbound to the magazine.

Realtime is not something I understand at all. Most people in the know would actually turn to Search Twitter and follow a hashtag, as I’ve done for the Mumbai terror attacks and the New Zealand Christchurch quake and as people are today doing with Egypt.

Local: This would be like combining USA Today with the NY Daily News. Not something I think is going to happen any time soon. And what do you do about “local” for someone who is living away from a major population center where it’s not cost effective to provide local?

Of more interest are the Comments, where people who want to buy the magazines are speaking out.

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Tablet Periodicals Links #3

This might all come to nothing on my end, but still, I’ll keep collecting them Just In Case. I won’t do them every day, though. I’ll just grab them in bunches and do a one-all post every few days.

iPad Mags Need A New Blueprint

Macworld Releases “Daily Reader” Free iPad App

@ DLD: James Murdoch: ‘99 Cents A Week Makes Sense’ For The Daily
Apple, News Corp to hold event to launch The Daily
News Corp.’s iPad magazine launching Feb. 2

What’s next for what’s left of Wizard?
ComiXology Announces Program for Retailers to Sell Digital Comics
ComiXology to let retailers sell digital comics


Start-Up Opens a One-Stop Shop for the News
Social News Site Ongo Combines Aggregation And Paywalls
The Way We Read Now: The Atavist Finds a Publishing Future in Long-Form Nonfiction

Apple tightens rules for iPad news delivery
People Like iPad Magazine Ads! (Says iPad Magazine Company)
The New New Media: Apple’s Subscription Model
ASME Unveils New Guidelines for Magazine Web Sites
Study: iPad ads boost key marketing metrics
The Bonfire Agency heats up part 1: Ed Catto

Nook, Magazines See the Color of Money

Let’s Do the Math: Digital Comics Revenues vs. Print Comics Revenues

Graciemag iPad Edition

These are not directly related, yet are connected:

Idle Thought On Comics And Social Media
Into The Skid
What’s Going On With Kevin Smith?
A Quick Daybook Note
The Literarian
Real Men Launch Paid-Only Apps…
Goodbye, $.99 iPhone apps!

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eInk Nook Reading Google Books PDF

Well, this is very interesting and not even a test I had considered asking anyone to do!

Uwe F. Mayer took the initiative to try the Google Books PDF of Success: A Novel [or Google Docs link] — a standard PDF I use for tests — and put it on his classic eInk Nook!

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Users Aren’t Stupid. You’re Being Smug.

Rising to the Occasion With a Bakery Chain

Q. What’s your best tip for other entrepreneurs?

A. It’s not about starting a business. It’s about solving problems. That’s what being an entrepreneur is. Find a problem that there’s a better way to solve. Get a vision of how it could work better, and stick with it.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Bob Lefsetz tweeted what I boldfaced yesterday as well as the article link.

That was the second time in one day I encountered the “Solve a problem” exhortation. The first might have been in one of several Paul Graham essays I was browsing through on my LifeDrive.

Ignoring that exhortation is why some people will always lose.

Ignoring that exhortation also leads to some of the absolutely staggeringly-clueless Comments my prior post has gotten about a recent encounter I had with Windows 7 and contrasting it to an iPad.

I recounted the problems I had. Commenters swept them aside. They don’t see that Windows 7 is a problem that the iPad solves.

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