eInk Nook Reading Google Books PDF

Well, this is very interesting and not even a test I had considered asking anyone to do!

Uwe F. Mayer took the initiative to try the Google Books PDF of Success: A Novel [or Google Docs link] — a standard PDF I use for tests — and put it on his classic eInk Nook!

He emailed me:

I read with interest your PDF eReader shakedown. Like many, I have been grappling the same questions. I happen to own a Nook classic, and it actually does allow you to read Google books. It just does not allow you to download them directly. So, download the books to your computer, and then load them to the Nook.

Attached are three pics, showing “Success” by S H Adams.

Click = ginormous

1. The ePub version, first page of the book. Note that the text has undergone scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) by Google, with mixed results. For example, in line 5 it says “whidi promptly”, which should be “which promptly”. On the other hand, since the text is now text, and not an image, you get the full crisp display of the Nook. By the way, the Google frontmatter is abbreviated in the epub version and reduced to a short paragraph, which displays fine (I did not take a picture of that).

Click = ginormous

2. The frontmatter of the PDF version. As for the other eReaders you checked out, the Google image top left is missing. Also notice that the Nook reflowed the text, causing rather unpleasing line breaks. But it is very legible, using Nook’s native font. This reflowing approach to text makes many technical PDF almost illegible, but works quite well for novels (with the exception of the line breaks).

Click = ginormous

3. Page 1 of the PDF version. It simply displays as an image, and while small, is perfectly legible if you have good enough eyesight.

Seeing the wide margins of it, I wonder what the result would be if Briss was run on the PDF to trim those?

Thanks, Uwe F. Mayer, for doing it for science!

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