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Quote Of The Day: Save Your Public Library Edition

Guest Blog -Librarian and Fabulous All Around Woman – Robin “@Tuphlos” Bradford

The point is — libraries let people in on the secret of all the great books that will never see the light of day on a bestseller list.

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List Of iTunes App Store iPad Magazines

Update, May 12, 2011: I see this is a very popular post here. Understand that this list is not comprehensive and that it has not been updated since it was first posted. I don’t intend to do any update, either.

The App Store is a disorganized disaster and this list is further proof of it.

This is a list of magazines created by using the search term “magazine” in the App Store (for iPad), using the desktop iTunes software.

If you have a magazine for sale and it’s not on this list, your business is in deep shit if you’re counting on Apple helping people find it by “magazine” word search!

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