List Of iTunes App Store iPad Magazines

Update, May 12, 2011: I see this is a very popular post here. Understand that this list is not comprehensive and that it has not been updated since it was first posted. I don’t intend to do any update, either.

The App Store is a disorganized disaster and this list is further proof of it.

This is a list of magazines created by using the search term “magazine” in the App Store (for iPad), using the desktop iTunes software.

If you have a magazine for sale and it’s not on this list, your business is in deep shit if you’re counting on Apple helping people find it by “magazine” word search!

The list is in alphabetical order. If your magazine is missing, complain to Apple, not me.

2D Artist Magazine – $1.99
3D Artist Magazine – $1.99
3D Creative Magazine – $1.99
944 Magazine Mobile – free
@Gamer Magazine – free

AARP, The Magazine App – free
Advanced Photoshop magazine – $1.99
AirTran GO Magazine – $0.99
Architect Magazine Reader – free
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine – $0.99
The Atlantic Magazine: Digital Edition – free
Attitude Magazine – $2.99
Automobile Magazine – free
Automobile Magazine News for iPad – free
AutoWeek Magazine – free
AutoWeek Magazine – $0.99

Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine – $0.99
The Bicycle Buyer Magazine – $0.99
BMW Car Magazine – $1.99
BMW Magazine – free
BMW Magazine 2/2010 – free
Business People Magazine per iPad – free

C California Style Magazine – free
Camping Life magazine – $0.99
CIO Magazine – $2.99
Clear Magazine – $4.99
Commonwealth Magazine – free [Japanese]
Coral Magazine – free
CURE Magazine for iPad – free

DEVELOP3D Magazine – $0.99
Dig BMX Magazine – $0.99
Digital Artist Magazine – $1.99
Digital Camera Essentials Magazine – $1.99
Digital Photographer Magazine – $1.99
Dirt Mountain Bike Magazine – $0.99
Discover — Wikipedia in a Magazine – free
Dooland Magazine HD – free [Asian]
DUB Magazine – free
Dwell Magazine – $0.99

Ebony Magazine – free
Entrepreneur Magazine – free
ESPN the magazine for iPad – free

The Family Handyman Magazine – free 2010 Fantasy Football Preview Magazine – $1.99
Flipboard – free
Florida Medical Magazine HD – free
Flying Magazine – free
Focus Magazine – free
Fordmuscle Magazine – $0.99
FORTUNE Magazine – free

Games TM Magazine – $1.99
girlworks Magazine – free
Glamour Magazine – free
Golf Digest Magazine – free
Good Food Magazine – free
GQ Magazine – $4.99
GQ KOREA – free
GT Porsche Magazine – $1.99

Hair Ideas magazine – free
Hi-Fi Plus Magazine – $2.99
Hollywood Weekly Magazine – $0.99
Horse&Rider Magazine – $2.99
HowItWorks Magazine – free

iCatholic Magazine – free
iCreate Magazine – $1.99
iGIZMO Magazine – free
InDesign Magazine Viewer – free
iPhone Life Magazine – free
Insurance Journal Magazine – free
Interview Magazine for iPad – The Calvin Klein Issue (US) – free
Interview Magazine for iPad – The Currency of Youth – free
Interview Magazine for iPad – The Megan Fox Issue – free
Interview Magazine for iPad – The Rihanna Issue – free
Iron Man Magazine for iPad – free
ISLANDS Magazine – free

Jaguar Magazine – free

Kfood Magazine – Volume 001 – $2.99
Kfood Magazine – Volume 002 – $2.99
The Knot Wedding Magazine – free

LAPTOP Magazine: The Pulse of Mobile Tech – free
Lawn & Landscape magazine – free
LETTER TO JANE magazine: Issue 01 for iPad – $0.99
Letter to Jane Magazine Late Autumn – $0.99
Linux User Magazine – $1.99
LIPS Magazine – free

MacFormat Magazine – free
MacUser Magazine – $0.99
Magazine World – $0.99 [Japanese]
MagCloud Magazine Store & Reader – free
Marie Claire Magazine – free
Martha Stewart Living Magazine for iPad – free
Marines Magazine iPad Edition – free
Maui Island Guide & Driving Magazine – free
Maui No Ka ‘Oi Magazine – free
Maxim Magazine – free
Maxim Magazine Digital – free
Men’s Health Magazine – free
Metro Magazine Phillipines – free
Moto Magazine – $0.99
MotorHome Magazine – $1.99
Motor Trend Magazine – free
Muscle & Body Magazine – free
Music Tech Magazine – $1.99

Narrative – free
The Nation Magazine – free
National Georgraphic Traveler Magazine – free
National Geographic Magazine – free
NET-A-PORTER Magazine – free
NEW YORK Magazine – free
The New Yorker Magazine – free
Newsmax Magazine – free
Noblesse January Magazine for iPad – free [Korean]
Notre Dame Irish Sports Report Magazine – $1.99
NYLON Magazine – $2.99
NYLON Magazine iPad Edition – free
NYLON Magazine – October 2010 – $2.99

O, The Oprah Magazine – $3.99
O, The Oprah Magazine January 2011 – $3.99
O, The Oprah Magazine February 2011 – $3.99
OK! Magazine for iPad – $3.99
Opera Magazine – free
Orlando Attractions Magazine – free
Outside Magazine + – free

Parallax Magazine – $2.99
PEOPLE Magazine – free
Performance BMW Magazine – $1.99
Performance VW Magazine – $1.99
Photoshop Creative Magazine – $1.99
Play Magazine – $1.99
Popular Science+ – $2.99
Prevention Magazine – free
Productive! Magazine – $0.99


Retro Gamer Magazine – $1.99
Ride UK BMX Magazine – $0.99
Rider Magazine – $1.99
Road Magazine HD – free
Runner’s World Magazine – free
Runway Magazine – free

Sailing Today Magazine – $2.99
Salon Magazine for iPad – free [Japanese]
San Francisco Magazine – free
Sayidaty Magazine – free [Arabic]
SciFiNow Magazine – $1.99
Self Service Magazine No 33: The Joe McKenna Issue
Skin&Ink Magazine – $2.99
Slate Magazine – free
Sports Illustrated Magazine – free
Stanford Business Magazine
Star Magazine – free
Success Magazine – free
The Surfer’s Path Magazine – $0.99

Tamiya Model Magazine International – $2.99
TASCHEN Magazine Fall/Winter 2010 – free
TIME Magazine – free
Total 911 Magazine – $1.99
Trailer Life Magazine – $1.99
Trailer Life/Woodall’s RV Buyer Guide Magazine 2010 – $3.99
Trends Magazine USA – Design Ideas and Inspiration – $0.99
Triathlete Magazine – free
trueCowboy Magazine – $1.99
TRVL Magazine – free


V Magazine for iPad – The New York Issue – free
Vanity Fair Magazine – $4.99
VeloNews Magazine – free
VIVMag Magazine – free
Vogue Knitting Magazine and Books – free

WatchOut Magazine – free
Web Designer Magazine – $1.99
Website Magazine Digital – free
Winding Road Magazine – free
WIRED Magazine – free
WIRED Magazine (UK) – free
Women’s Health Magazine – free

X360 Magazine – $1.99

Yoga Magazine – free

Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader – free


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15 responses to “List Of iTunes App Store iPad Magazines

  1. Rollin Bancroft

    “The App Store is a disorganized disaster and this list is further proof of it.”

    Could you explain why you think this is so?

  2. I will not disagree with you that the app store is a mess (when will Apple clean that up?) but remember that as a developer with some constraints you can choose the keywords that you want people to be able to use to find your app.

    If someone has a magazine that’s not on your list, then they might start by reading the developer instructions and updating their keywords accordingly.

    • mikecane

      Hoodgrown magazine has “Magazine” in its frikkin App Store listing title. That it didn’t appear is just inexcusable.

      • laura

        Well, if that were the case, then Apple would have a problem somewhere. When I last had a look at the Apple Developer Guidelines a few months ago, the documents explicitly stated that the App name is searchable.

        Actually, that appears to be the case. Search for “birds” and Angry Birds comes up right away. I just did a search for “magazine” in iTunes, and Hoodgrown came up. Here’s the snap.

        How did you do your search?

      • mikecane

        We established via Twitter that Laura did her search via the Mac iTunes software. I did mine via the iTunes Windows software. I am in America, she is in Switzerland, so geography might have come into play too. Her screensnap also shows results that did not appear in my search. Inconsistency in App Store searches is nothing new. I encountered this with different results from Windows iTunes software vs an iPad or iPhone at an Apple Store. Apple’s search is just pathetic.

  3. I have never got used to the iTunes software or search tool. I bought an iPod 2 years ago, but I got so frustrated with the software I took it back and got a Creatuve LAb MP4 player instead.

    Needless to say I am not a big fan.

  4. I love reading digital magazines on iPads and iPhones. I use Other edition’s newsstand for reading digital magazines. V Magazine for iPad

  5. Rexting

    You guys are sad if you can’t navigate the app store. Are you guys 90?

  6. ipad cases with keyboard

    Wow, huge list on there! I suggest you keep updated regularly since i believe many peoples get the benefits of your blog post. It really helping peoples who love reading digital magazines on iPads and iPhones but didn’t know where to get them.

  7. BlueCat57

    I just tried to find digital magazines in iTunes. I didn’t do an exhaustive search but there didn’t appear to be an easy way to find digital magazines. Amazon wasn’t much better. What I’m trying to do is decide if I want to buy an iPad or Fire and switch to digital delivery. Doesn’t look like the material is there yet. It appears that the way to find them in the iTunes store is to look for an app. Then you might have to go somewhere else and subscribe to the magazine to get the full issue. So much easier to just kill a tree and read them while I’m in the WC.

  8. Great list, thanks for the effort

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