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Apple’s Content-Creator Recruiting Poster

My advice is: Do not submit your eBook to the iBookstore.

And if you have one there, remove it.

The iPad is nothing but a shiny brick without your content.



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What Apple Looks Like Today

Classic Thomas Nast cartoon illustrating the face-sucking vampire squid that was the Standard Oil company. Perfectly illustrates the New Greed of Apple today.

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Apple’s Greed Will Keep This Going

That’s Hadrien of Feedbooks.

Android has the wonderful eBook program Aldiko. Not available for iOS.

I expect Feedbooks will get traffic from webOS tablets once those are out too.

Apple has shot itself in the foot, thinking it’s somehow entitled to a 30% cut of eBooks bought from Amazon, Sony, Kobo, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and all other stores. Where is the Apple Board of Directors to question this move?

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