Unemployed? Are You A Victim Or A Winner?

Laid-off architect builds success one iPad at a time

Angie Davis of Minneapolis was laid off from her project-architect job on a Monday in the fall of 2008. Her fiancee lost his job the following Friday.

The couple faced financial peril at a time when the economy was tanking and work was scarce. Perhaps worse, they had to get through a long Minnesota winter without driving each other nuts.

And so, Davis began to sew, and sew, and sew.

Out of these desperate circumstances emerged a thriving home-based business, Byrd & Belle, that sells cases and sleeves for popular electronic gizmos such as iPods, the iPhone, the iPad, the Kindle and the MacBook Air.

Davis said she can’t keep up with demand for her gadget protectors, which are made out of fine wool and leather, and she’s often backed up two to four weeks with orders — her customers can see where they are in the queue via her website.

Davis now scoffs when asked whether she would consider returning to her old employer and her old, office-bound professional existence. She’s making much more money than she earned as a project architect, for one thing.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Recently someone tweeted a link to a blog post by someone who was unemployed and bewailing being bored and not getting responses to job inquiries. I tweeted a reply that said no one should wait for a damn job.

The free time that paid unemployment offers is a very rare and precious thing and should be squeezed dry for all the opportunity it offers.

And above, that story is proof that the best thing to do is something for yourself, instead of waiting for someone to deign to “give” (as if it’s a handout, and not an exchange of value for money!) you a job.


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  1. Margaret Sch.

    Um, what is your source?!!!

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