Homeless At Whitehall Ferry Terminal

It’s not as bad as the St. George side, which has a permanent population that takes up just about one side of the terminal.

But every week I’m seeing new people.

Not only is her hair matted and filthy, she’s dressed in a ton of layers and still gives off a terrible stench.

Notice the guy’s filthy plaid pants. He sits and does nothing but laugh. Who knows at what?

The homeless n00bs all wind up using those crappy plastic zipper bags from 99-cent stores. Those are the worst things to use. The handles rip off quickly, the plastic gets cold and cracks, and the bags just fall apart.

I doubt most people pay attention to any of them. When faces disappear, it’s usually not because they’ve found a home. I’ve overheard conversations talking about people who have just died.

Welcome to America 2011.

Keep cutting those taxes and keep thinking all the money a corporation earns is “all theirs.”

You goddammed suicidal suckers.

Some day one of them will be you.

And you truly will deserve it!


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