The Long Night Of webOS

It’s been a long, dark night for webOS.

It started out promising …

… but the hardware wasn’t there and even webOS wasn’t really finished (remember how Sprint pushed out a webOS update the day the phone went on sale?).

The Pre had too small a screen for me, too small a keyboard, and I didn’t trust that slider.

The Pixi sounded good but in person it did nothing for me.

Now webOS is at a crossroads.

Since only it can be an end-to-end experience like Apple’s iOS, it has a real shot gaining some ground against the fractured and confusing world of Android OS.

But it needs a killer phone …

… something very special …

… and it needs to nail the tablet hardware.

Tomorrow I don’t want to watch HP/Palm’s big series of announcements and say …

… it’s nice but

… if only

I want HP/Palm to come out ready to go to war.

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