ACCESS To Make Digital Publishing Announcement

ACCESS Showcases Solutions for the New Mobility at Mobile World Congress 2011

Among the list:

e-Publishing [Digital Publishing Solution for Android OS/iOS]

ACCESS will also introduce the ACCESS™ Digital Publishing Ecosystem, a new digital publishing service and technology ecosystem for Android™ OS and iOS devices for global markets. The ACCESS Digital Publishing Ecosystem provides publishers with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that enables them to reach and engage users with enhanced digital publications in a powerful native application format. The centerpiece will be demonstrations of iBunko, Japan’s most popular e-book reader application, store and bookshelf features and NetFront™ magazine viewer.

ACCESS hasn’t made any publishing noises since 2009: ACCESS Announces NetFront™Book Viewer EPUB Edition v1.0

Nokia needs a new OS. They might want to think about buying up ACCESS. That would be a trip. Nokia owning legacy Palm OS!


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