HP’s Think Beyond: First Impressions

1) Who wants to wait until Summer?! The new HP boss said announcements would happen when devices were ready to ship. That should be a matter of weeks, not seasons.

2) By the time the Pre 3 comes out, Apple will have slaughtered it with the iPhone 5 PR and ads.

3) By the time the HP TouchPad arrives, probably ten million more iPads will have been sold — of the iPad 2! And who knows what the many Android tablet makers are ready to spring at MWC just next week!

4) What? No prices mentioned at all? So you’ve failed Advertising 101: When and How Much!! Join Motorola in FAILville.

Beyond this, I will STFU. I tried to follow live coverage via both Engadget and PreCentral. This was barely above the level of the telegraph. I need to see the full video when it’s available from HP.

So standby for more.

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