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HP Veer Vs. HP/Compaq iPaq PPC

Two things about that illustration:

1) They are not to scale
2) HP neglects to offer a front view of the Veer without keyboard

iPaq PPC: 4.47″ x 2.78″ x 0.5″ – 4.4 oz

HP Veer: 3.31″ x 2.15″ x 0.59″ – 3.63 oz

The original small iPaq Pocket PC had one of the most startling screens of its time. It was so good that it looked like it was painted on. As they moved to the next model, it lost that screen, which was a huge disappointment.

Anyway, looking at some Veer videos today, I remembered the Pocket PC they once did and wondered which was smaller.


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HP TouchPad: Web Browser Pinch-Out Zoom Shown

I have no idea why this wasn’t shown in the live demo and why it hasn’t been shown in the other videos I’ve been watching on YouTube today. But it’s finally demonstrated as a quick aside in this video, at about 5:50 in:

Why did no one even bother to even ask?

I still haven’t seen a single video showing pinch zoom in the photo app. Has anyone?


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HP: How To Push Beats Audio

Get the Go-Gos to do a variant of their hit song, We Got the Beat.

Make it We Got the Beats.

Everyone loves the Go-Gos.

And people have probably forgotten this stupid ad they once did:

And, HP, don’t be stupid. Get the Go-Gos. Don’t make it a lousy blanded-out corporate cover! Trust me on this. You guys have no rhythm.

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HP TouchPad: Slide. Shuffle. Stack. Share.

Everybody On, HP?

What the hell does that even mean?

After that presentation and dreadful Everybody On video, it’s evident HP doesn’t know how to Think Like Apple.

Here’s how to do it.

Click = big

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